TransAlta Renewables Inc. Reports on Voting Results from 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

May 1, 2015

CALGARY, Alberta (May 1, 2015) – The Annual Meeting of Shareholders (the “Meeting”) of TransAlta Renewables Inc. (“TransAlta Renewables” or the “Company”) (TSX: RNW) was held on May 1, 2015 in Calgary, Alberta. A total of 95,738,780 common shares, representing 83.49% of the Company’s outstanding common shares were represented in person and by proxy at the Meeting.

The following resolutions were approved by shareholders:

1. Election of Directors

The six director nominees proposed by management were elected by a show of hands. Proxies were received as follows:


Votes For Percent Witheld Percent
David D. Drinkwater 95,313,998 99.56% 422,2827 0.44%
Brett M. Gellner 86,754,894 90.62% 8,981,386 9.38%
Allen R. Hagerman 95,318,138 99.56% 418,142 0.44%
Cynthia Johnston 86,667,441 90.53% 9,068,839 9.47%
Kathryn A.B. McQuade 95,320,998 99.57% 415,282 0.43%
Paul H.E. Taylor 86,711,154 90.57% 9,025,126 9.43%



2. Appointment of Auditors

The Appointment of Ernst & Young LLP to serve as the independent auditors for 2015 was approved by a show of hands. Proxies were received as follows:

Votes For Percent Witheld Percent
         95,725,013 99.99%        11,267 0.01%


About TransAlta Renewables

TransAlta Renewables owns 29 wind and hydroelectric power generation facilities, including our economic interest in Wyoming Wind, having an aggregate installed generating capacity of 1,376 MW, in which it holds a net ownership interest of approximately 1,255 MW. TransAlta Renewables’ power generating capacity is among the largest of any publicly-traded renewable independent power producer (“IPP”) in Canada, with more wind power generating capacity than any other Canadian publicly-traded IPP. TransAlta Renewables’ strategy is focused on the efficient operation of its portfolio of assets and expanding its asset base through the acquisition of high-quality contracted renewable and natural gas power generation facilities and other infrastructure assets. Our objectives are to (i) create stable, consistent returns for investors through the ownership of contracted renewable and, potentially, natural gas power generation and other infrastructure assets that provide stable cash flow through long-term contracts with creditworthy counterparties, including TransAlta; (ii) pursue and capitalize on strategic growth opportunities in the renewable and, potentially, natural gas power generation and other infrastructure sectors; and (iii) pay out a portion of cash available for distribution to the shareholders of the Corporation on a monthly basis.

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